Patient Testimonials

Feeling extremely blessed to have Dr. Bell! He is not only the kindest person you’ll ever meet, he’s also a genius at what he does. I tell him that he is our “miracle worker.” He has helped me and my family in so many ways.

To start, a few years ago, one of my daughters started breaking out in hives any time she came in contact with water. Water! Whether from the shower, a pool, a hottub, or a lake, her skin broke out every time. As parents, we wondered what to do, knowing that a dermatologist or allergist would just give her topical ointments or something that might help with the symptoms, but not cure the cause. We had heard of NAET through Dr. Bell and decided to give it a try, and we are so thankful we did! Dr. Bell immediately found that my daughter had an allergy to calcium, which is a mineral found in most water sources. After the quick and painless NAET treatment, my daughter hasn’t had a problem with hives after water exposure. It seems unbelievable, but it honestly works. Dr. Bell also used NAET to cure my youngest son of his dairy allergy, and cured me, my spouse, and my other children of various allergies.

He has helped my husband with various minor injuries over the years (tennis elbow, back out of alignment, etc.) and most recently he has helped me with some big issues.

Late in November 2016, I developed a strange “buzzing” sensation in my head. It felt as if someone had turned on their electric toothbrush and put it inside my head. It “buzzed” on and off at random times and I had no idea what was causing it. It wasn’t painful, but very annoying. I was about ready to go get a CT scan because it was bothering me and worrying me so much.

In December I called Dr. Bell about it. He believed it was stress related, and possibly a pinched nerve, since one of my hands was randomly falling asleep at the same time. He believed he could help and I was excited to have an alternative to going to a GP and getting a CT scan. During my initial treatment, Dr. Bell discovered that my neck and pelvis were completely out of alignment, and he put everything back into place so easily. I didn’t realize I could feel so good! Apparently I’d been out of alignment for a long time and didn’t even realize how much it was affecting me. He suggested acupuncture treatment as well, and although I am someone who hates needles, I can honestly say that I am now a huge acupuncture fan! I can’t believe how great it immediately made me feel. The acupuncture treatment allowed the muscles in my neck and pelvis to relax so that they could get used to the proper placement of the bones. It also drastically alleviated the high levels of stress and anxiety I was carrying around with me, and it even helped “clear the raingutters” so to speak with some grief I’d been carrying as well.

Now it is the beginning of March 2017, and the “buzzing” in my head has been completely gone for two weeks. After just a few sessions with Dr. Bell I feel like a new, happier, healthier, more energetic person! I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Bell!
— Heather Tycksen

I have been very satisfied with Dr. Bell at Aspire Health. I was having shoulder and neck pain to the point I couldn’t hold my neck up by the end of the day. Another care center had scared me away with all the physical therapy and money they were asking of me. A message therapist who doesn’t care for chiropractors recommended me to Dr. Bell because of his honest expertise and combination with acupuncture.

I feel so much better with the alignments and the acupuncture has been a wonderful surprise. The acupuncture lets me be more relaxed day to day which keeps stress levels and tension in my body down.
— Bethany Schafer

I had an amazing experience at Aspire Health. Dr. Bell is super kind and very knowledgeable about this treatment. I had an allergy to metals and would always get rashes from jewelry and buttons on my clothing. However, after a few treatments I am now able to wear whatever I want to and the itchy rashes are gone. The NAET treatments are a total game changer.
— Katy Hall

Dr. Bell is very personable and nice. He takes time to listen to your needs. I went to him because he was recommended by my family members. I had hip, back and neck pain as well as anxiety. The first day I visited him he found that my neck was out of alignment, some ribs were out of place and my pelvis was rotated. After he did the adjustment my hip pain that was bothering me went away immediately. I have fewer and less severe headaches. The acupuncture has also helped ease my anxiety and stress. Overall I feel so much better and have more energy.
— K Nielson

Dr Bell was wonderful. I recently moved out of the area and will miss his gentle but effective procedures. He is cutting edge and offers many modalities; chiropractic care, acupuncture, microscopic blood tests which show the status of your blood health in real time and high-end nutritional supplements which have been very effective for my digestive problems. I will miss him!
— Laura Curtis

5 stars isn’t enough!
Highly professional, kind, gentle, and effective. I do recommend Dr. Bell to about everyone I know, because he’s that good. I found him when I was in a car wreck, and I’m so happy that I did.
I grew up going to Chiropractors, and acupuncturists for most of my life, and he’s the first that does both together in a gentle manner. He’s great with stress relief, pain relief, and getting allergies under control. My children beg me to take them monthly due to helping them find relief with their backs going out sitting in school all day long. He’s one of a kind! Don’t wait, book now!
— Angie Shupe Thompson
I have two kids and am pregnant with my third. My first two pregnancies were so terrible. I was sick all 9 months and throwing up at least 10 times a day. I started getting acupuncture from Dr. Bell and am doing so much better with this pregnancy.
— Rachelle Hadlock
Back Pain + Dr. Bell = No Pain.
— Nathan Packer

As I am getting older I just thought back pain was something you just learned to live with. My mother had it and so did my grandfather so I resigned myself to the fact that I too will just have to “live with it.” After being treated by Dr Bell my whole mindset and body has taken a different turn. Not only can I work without pain (my job is sitting in front of a computer all day) but able to walk and hike again without discomfort.
My husband was diagnosed with spondylosis in his neck and part of his face and neck was going numb. Through Dr Bell’s chiropractic work, stretches and acupuncture my husband has not experienced any numbness and his range of motion has improved. Thank you Dr. Bell
— Wendy Elder

The blood analysis that Dr. Bell does is amazing! I was experiencing some serious fatigue and for as long as I can remember I have gotten sick every time I’ve eaten anything with sugar or dairy in it. When Dr. Bell did the blood analysis, he told me that my body wasn’t digesting sugar or protein as well as it should. You could see the sugar floating around in my blood, it was crazy! He gave me some supplements to help my body digest and after only about a month, I am enjoying some of the finer things in life again and feel great!
— Chris Truman

Dr. Bell helped my son with some major back pain he was having. My son is only 16 years old so we were not sure what Dr. Bell would be able to do. But Dr. Bell did a comprehensive test and was able to locate where the pain was coming from and why. With some physical therapy and cool technology and some back exercises, my son is almost back to 100%. He only went to two appointments and then was told to keep doing the exercises. We were very impressed with the results. We will definitely go back to Dr. Bell if needed!
— Amy Seiter

I’m a current patient of Dr. Bell’s, whose treatments have not only helped with my allergies but, as an added bonus, have helped me manage my stress levels. I started treatments with Dr. Bell because even after cutting out corn and gluten, which did wonders, cutting out dairy was next. It just felt like I was being asked to cut out too much and I started exploring my options.

Discovering this treatment has been a gift. It is a supreme joy to finally eat cheese and not be sick, to think clearly, and to have ‘normal’ bowel movements. And this spring, while all my friends and family suffer through their airborne allergies, I’ve been sleeping with the windows open and enjoying the outdoors.
— Trina Smith
After seeing several Chiropractors and thinking they were all the same I met Dr. Bell. He has been the only Chiropractor to get a specific spot in my back to adjust and it is in a standing adjustment that is painless. I am very impress and recommend him to everyone. He and his staff are truly so kind and caring.
— MIchael Zurn

A friend of mine referred us to Dr Bell. What a surprise. We did a really interesting blood analysis. It told a lot about our health. Dr Bell prescribed some supplements for the areas we needed and when we went today for our follow up, the results were amazing. Dr Bell is very easy to work with and you can understand him. I would recommend this to anyone who has any digestive problems. We definitely give a big thumbs up!!!
— Thomas Duffy

Dr. Bell completely healed my lower back pain. I had pain for over a year by the time I found him and was worried it would become chronic, but Dr. Bell got my back feeling stronger than it has ever felt before.
He adjusts to your body specifically (I have scoliosis and makes the necessary changes to his adjusting style to adapt to that) and it never hurts to be adjusted by him. He and his staff are some of the nicest people I’ve met, which is a total bonus. You can’t lose with Dr. Bell.
— Kaylee Zupancic

I went to Doctor Bell with chronic migraines. 25 years of suffering and trying to find solutions to it had really led me almost nowhere. I knew that I had multiple triggers, but had no idea how to discover all of them, let alone treat them. Dr. Bell has been such a gift to me. Over several months we did the NAET allergy therapy. I realized several triggers during that process I didn’t even know I had, but which all made sense. Then I did the Blood Microscopy. That process, combined with the supplements I needed to take and the NAET therapy and neck adjustments have made me feel like a different person. I have energy. I realize more and more what it’s like to NOT have chronic pain! Dr. Bell is so thorough, knowledgeable and kind. He has a genuine interest in his patients health. I am so grateful to have found Aspire and all the great services they offer! Would recommend highly to anyone suffering. Go see what they can do for you.
— Marla Staffanson

I have had chronic pain down the left side of my body and have seen several chiropractors and physicians trying to get some relief over the years. Dr. Bell did a comprehensive assessment using a high technology instrument to scan my spine. We reviewed these results together so I could see the areas causing the pain and then we developed a treatment plan to address them. On each visit he makes some minor adjustments and then does acupuncture which relaxes me even more. Dr. Bell also did a microscopic blood analysis which added another layer of information on what type of supplements I could benefit from. It’s amazing that I am only taking two supplements now! I am totally thrilled with the results since I am more active than ever, back to running- which I love, and the results are sustainable. The combination of the adjustments, physical therapy exercises and acupuncture has made ALL the difference! Thank you so much Dr. Bell!!
— Deb Ashton
After having implants for extracted teeth, the numbness from surgery did not go away. I was told it could be permanent nerve damage and to “give it a year” to see if there is improvement. Dr. Bell used acupuncture with great skill and within a short two months, my nerve damage has all but disappeared! I highly recommend him!
— Kym Couture

5 months into my last pregnancy I developed problems with my SI joint. I was barely able to walk and sleeping was incredibly difficult. After a few months of seeing a PT with no success, I was referred to Dr Bell. After only a few sessions with him I started to feel a huge difference and soon was able to function normally again. His help allowed the end of my pregnancy to be comfortable and much more enjoyable. I highly recommend him and he will be my first line of treatment for any future issues.
— Sarah Cubis

I was a skeptic in the beginning for sure. I had stomach issues that were on going for 3+ plus years along with neck and back issues. I had been to several doctors with no relief or diagnosis. I was told to watch what I ate and if it bother me not to eat it. At the time I first saw doctor Bell that was pretty much anything I put into my mouth.

The first and biggest impression of Dr. Bell was that he actually listens. I was in his office talking about my symptoms and medical history for WAY longer then any other doctor would spend. He listened and was compassionate. During my on going treatment if I had a concern, even if he didn’t think that would be something that would affect me, he would test it anyway and as a result we found several issues that he was able to treat me for. He understands that I am the patient and know what is going on with my own body. The allergy treatments took care of 90% of my concerns.

As the allergy treatments were wrapping up and there wasn’t more he could treat me for. He started doing a new procedure, the microscopic blood analysis. Again I was a skeptic, but felt it could have more answers for me. It was cool to see my blood on the screen and for him to point out and explain things. Doing research on the things he found, it appears a lot of the symptoms left are do to deficiencies which I am now on supplements for and seem to be seeing improvements already.

As far as my back, I was seeing a chiropractor for several months, with only minor relief. Dr. Bell not only adjusted me, but also treated the muscle and taught me stretches to further train the muscle. After just the first treatment I felt a huge improvement.

Dr. Bell is thorough, patient, and kind. I highly recommend him for any treatment. Thanks Dr. Bell and Karen!
— Amanda Alder
After 15 years of pain and many physical therapists I finally have relief. Dr. Bell was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I already have recommended him to my friends and family.
— Charles McNall

I rate Dr. Bell and his treatment of my condition at a “10” !! he is superb. after my treatment today, I came home free of sciatic (?) pain. the Accupuncture is relieving my stress that has been adding up for years. The exercises he asks me to do really do help to open up the spaces needed for nerve health, and he’s so careful to listen and work with me to help me regain my overall health and well-being. I Love Dr. Bell.
thank you so much for all they do for me at Aspire Health
— Julie Feweks
Dr. Bell has been amazing in helping make me a happier person by diminishing my back pain. The acupuncture was also very helpful in calming me down and relieving stress on my back as well as stress in my life. I am grateful for all the treatment I have been given here.
— Shayla Snow
My family and I have utilized Dr. Bell’s services for the past couple of years. He has been the only practitioner to help alleviate my chronic back pain. He incorporates a variety of techniques to completely provide relief in my back. He also assigns me the responsibility of stretching and strengthening to help the adjustments last longer and be more effective.
While I was pregnant I had regular adjustments to keep my hips in place. We also used acupuncture for overall relief and stress reduction. At the end of my pregnancy, it was a final acupuncture treatment that finally helped to bring my baby out. I went in for a treatment to help initiate labor in the afternoon. At 9 that evening my water broke and at 1 the next morning my baby slid into the world perfect and alert.

My children see him for periodic spinal adjustments and NAET treatments. My children feel at ease in his presence and look forward to their next treatment. I appreciate that all of us can use his expertise and experience to help with daily life which includes bumps, bruises,and fatigue.

Dr. Bell is gentle but effective and my family has greatly benefited from the many treatment options he offers.
— Nichole Matthews

Dr Bell is a amazing. I have been going to him for a few years now and can not believe the difference in how I feel. A few months after my babies were born I went in to see him and was telling him about my baby girl and how fussy she was. He suggested I bring her in and let him check her out. WOW is all I can say. She was like a new baby, she started having happy awake moments. I never thought a baby would be out of line but she sure must have been, before she had three modes sleep, eat, and cry. We just love Dr Bell.
— Wendy Hunt

I saw Dr. Bell for a nagging hamstring injury that has been bothering me for the last couple of years from running. He was able to accurately diagnose what was causing the issue and give me some simple exercises to do at home to help it improve. I immediately started to see improvement in my hamstring and have felt much better running since starting to see Dr. Bell. I highly recommend Dr. Bell.
— Dr. John Hille MD

I try to see Dr. Bell bi-monthly & I absolutely love it. Dr. Bell is not only amazing, but so is Karen. She is always so accommodating & works with my schedule. Dr. Bell treats me specific to my needs & is always so kind, caring & positive. Since seeing Dr. Bell I have successfully come off all anxiety medications, my head aches & dizziness have diminished & my lower back pain is GONE. I’m telling you... this stuff works & Dr. Bell is the best out there. :)
— Nicole Casaday

I have been going to Dr. Bell for about 4 months and have experienced many improvements. Prior to going to Aspire Health and Wellness Clinic, I was experiencing frequent headaches including migraines. After my first visit my headaches improved significantly. I would recommend to anyone. Dr. Bell is great and the care his gives his patients is wonderful! I would encourage anyone experience headaches or pain that just won’t go away to go. You won’t be sorry.
— Britt Zumwalt

I have been working with Dr. Bell for nearly a year now and have been consistently impressed. I had been wary of chiropractors previously but was convinced to try Dr. Bell at the urging of a provider I trust. After the very first visit I had less neck/shoulder pain than I had had in the preceding 3 years. He uses a variety of modalities and offers up exercise/stretches which one could do at home to prolong the results of his care. I would highly recommend Dr. Bell.
— Dr. Sam Ponder M.D.
Dr. Bell’s expertise has made my bilateral knee replacement surgery a success. The surgery realigned my knees and Dr. Bell realigned the rest of my body to work with my new knees. His approach to health care really does make a difference.
— Ruth Merrill

My family and I have searched for years to find a practitioner like Dr. Bell. We are receiving his NAET and Acupuncture therapies—as well as some other treatment modalities. The improvement in our health has been miraculous. His background in chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture, make him irreplaceable. He has a wealth of knowledge that has proven very useful during our appointments. I would recommend Dr. Bell without any reservations!
— Brad Fairborn

Dr. Bell has done wonders in helping my everyday aches and pains caused from sitting at a desk all day. He has also helped tremendously with my clogged ear that has been reappearing for over 12 years, without the use of prescription drugs! The use of chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture techniques area wonderful combination you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Not only is he a great doctor but also a great individual that I trust to treat my wife and children.
— Nathan Petersen
I started going to Aspire a few months ago because of dizziness. I had spent a few hours in emergency after going through a bad dizzy spell. All tests came back negative to anything they could treat for. I learned of Aspire through people I worked with so I decided I would see if they could help me. Dr. Bell treated me for allergies twice before my dizziness was gone. The allergy treatment is hard to believe because it was so simple and just one time for each allergy. On my way to my appointment one day, I was rear-ended causing me a whiplash so Dr. Bell has been treating me for that, too. I am very pleased with my treatments.
— Lyn Grimaud
Dr. Bell has done an amazing job for myself and my family. They truly are invested in your well-being, health and happiness. For myself, after weight loss surgery and losing over 160 pounds, he has helped me realign and strengthen my back and core. Even my tailbone, which has been sore for 15 years, is amazingly better with their help. No major cracking of the back or what I call “TWILIGHT VAMPIRE HEAD RIPPING OFF” neck cracking. All adjustments are gentle and very effective. They work on healing and not just getting you back in for the next appointment to take your money. Our family has also been doing acupuncture and NAET allergy treatments. These treatments have been VERY effective as well in taking care of the needs of the family and their allergies and ailments from other medical issues. These guys are honest and down-to-earth guys. Their philosophy of business is so different than the run-of-the-mill chiropractors and completely reflects in their work! Thank you guys! You are amazing!
— Seth Otteson

Dr Bell is AMAZING! I have grew up with chiropractic care my whole life and lately working for one as a receptionist and none of them have been able to adjust me very well and keep me in place. However Dr Bell taught me that it is all about our muscles, and if our muscles are not strengthened and taken care of then we will continually have problems. Since Dr Bell has been taking care of me and I have been taught to stretch he has been able to adjust me and I stay in place and I am doing better than I ever have! I am so thankful I found him, he is truly amazing!!
— Vickie Kasalek

Dr. Bell has absolutely changed my life. Working 40+ hrs a week, and on my feet for 35 of them, really takes a toll. My chronic headaches have dramatically reduced and i feel much more energized and happy every time i leave. He is very personable and friendly. would recommend to absolutely everyone.
— Samantha Harris

Very happy with my on-going therapy. Dr. Bell is a very skilled, personable, gentle and thorough practitioner. I’ve sent friends and my wife to him for treatment and all have told me the same story... they have had very good treatment and will continue to visit him for therapy.
— Brett Evens

Dr. Bell has been amazing in helping make me a happier person by diminishing my back pain. The acupuncture was also very helpful in calming me down and relieving stress on my back as well as stress in my life. I am grateful for all the treatment I have been given here.
— Nichole Nelson

Dr. Bell offers a combination of services you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve experienced vast improvements in my chronic back pain from his chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy treatments. He is truly one of a kind if you’re looking for a doctor who addresses your body’s issues with several methods, not just one.
— Ashtyn Creel

I have experienced jaw pain for a couple of years. Dr. Bell said it was related to my neck, and after my first treatment, the jaw pain has gone away, and has not ever returned. His chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and I would recommend him.
— Heidi Rockwood

I had nearly crippling allergies. OTC Meds did nothing to help and made me so incredibly tired. I started NAET allergy treatments with Dr. Bell Last year. After just one treatment I woke up the next morning breathing 100 times better. Apparently I had been living with almost constant sinus congestion, that had become my normal. I didn’t realize how bad it was until it was gone. The difference was amazing. I needed 6 treatments: milk, eggs, sugar, mold, dust, pollen. After all 6 my life was completely changed. My asthma is almost completely gone, my sinuses drained, my eyes and nose no longer itch and water/run constantly, and no more sneezing. I can’t say enough good things about my treatment. It changed my life.
— Annie Hall

He has been able to help me get over my food allergies and feel amazing!
— Makayla Carroll

Dr. Bell provides a unique set of services that completely eliminated some nagging neck pain issues I suffered. I tried massage, doctor visits, and physical therapy, but nothing came close to the relief I got after just a few visits to Aspire. I have been pain-free for over a year now, thanks to Dr. Bell’s wisdom and fabulous combination of therapies, which together can bring permanent relief where other approaches have failed.
— Max Geoff

I have been to many a chiropractor and Dr. Bell is by far the best chiropractor out there. I’m a massage therapist as well so I really appreciate the way he can integrate muscle work with the bone manipulation because they definitely go hand in hand. I have sent 3 friends in to see him and each of them are now regulars. He’s the best!
— Amelia Wilcox
Dr. Bell has given us excellent results, and is wonderful to work with.
— Denton Bramwell

I have been pleasantly surprised. Dr. Bells approach to spine health makes sense. Addressing bone, muscle and nerve simultaniously is the logical way to treat my issues. I am a skeptic. I call things the way I see them. After the first visit, I noticed improvement. It has continued to the present. There is no single approach to health. It is a combination of diet, exercise, balance and good doctors. I would recommend Dr. Bell to anyone that has issues that don’t seem to be going away. He has been a valued addition to my personal health team. Surgery and pills are my last resort, and thank goodness that there are people out there that can bring relief without it.
— Patrick Glaittli
A wonderful experience. The NAET treatment has helped me deal with my allergies and helped me function better. The staff is wonderful and extremely helpful.
— Laura Stimpson
Dr. Bell is great at asking good questions to understand what needs I have and how to help me improve my health and wellness. I have improved greatly since seeing Dr. Bell.
— Michael Zurn
I can’t get enough of this place! I’ve been receiving treatment for about a month or so now, and am feeling better and better every day. I heard about Aspire through my sister who had seen Dr. Bell for treatment a few years back; She highly recommended him to me, knowing that I have moderate back problems. Once I finally got around to scheduling and attending an appointment I was immediately kicking myself for not doing it so much sooner! I am being treated for the curvature in my lower spine that is causing my muscles to pull to the right rather severely, as well as acupuncture for my knees that I have had issues with in the past. Between the adjustments, the acupuncture, and the daily stretches they have taught me, I can actually feel my body getting healthier and stronger (I’ve also started exercising regularly, so that certainly holds some reflection on my progress). My knee pain is diminishing, as is my back pain. They are very professional, personable, and easy going. I would HIGHLY recommend scheduling an appointment at Aspire if you are seeking treatment!
— Brian Hurst
Two years and several months ago, my seasonal allergies escalated from ‘bothersome but mostly ignored’ to ‘life threatening’ without any warning or explanation. At first I thought I had somehow contracted mono, because I was so tired all the time and felt sick. Then I went for a run with a friend, and was left gasping and coughing for breath at the side of the road. A doctor at the local instacare told me nothing was wrong, I didn’t have allergies, and my lungs were functioning perfectly on Monday.

By Thursday, I am convinced I would have died of asphyxiation had I slept. One lung was completely shut down, and the other nearly so, when at ten thirty pm my mom rushed me to my new favorite Nurse Practicioner’s house. She was a family friend, and she loaned us the equipment to treat my pneumonia. She saved my life then.

Every spring since (and whenever I’ve skipped drugs for too long), I have had bronchitis within two weeks of the ground’s first thaw (whether or not it stayed thawed), and I’ve been on both Singulair and Allegra-D. This spring, I had to add Nasacort to even function. The side effects of these drugs were miserable, but they kept me alive.

The NAET treatments at Aspire Health and Wellness have reduced my allergies so that I have not been on any medication for two weeks. They aren’t gone, but the several months of treatments have been life-changing. I cannot recommend them enough. The treatments are reasonably priced and skilfully administered.
— Ceridwen Pax
I have had incredible pain in my arm and shoulder for over a year but it was when I started having severe pain in my back that I finally decided to try Aspire on a friend’s recommendation. Turns out the problems in my arm were causing the new back pain. After just one adjustment my pain was 80% better. I returned two weeks later and the pain was almost non-existent. Aspire did what my doctors couldn’t do in over a year. My quality of life has improved, and has my energy levels. These guys know me and my story each time I walk in. They are concerned about me and my health and I couldn’t ask for better treatment.
— Annie Hall
I have been to several chiropractors in my life for “adjustments.” Dr. Bell adjusts my back, neck and hips completely different from any adjustment I have ever had. He doesn’t just start twisting me, etc. He first feels my vertebrae to see exactly where I am out of alignment. Then he only works on those specific areas as well as showing me exercises that will strengthen my muscles to help keep my spine in alignment. I will never have an adjustment from anyone else. Aspire Health and Wellness Clinic offers many things, my other favorites are detoxification treatments, percussion muscle treatment and acupuncture. And high grade supplements. Dr. Bell and Sheena (office manager) are awesome and are truly passionate about my overall fitness.
— JoAnn Ortega
Dr. Bell’s therapy is great! He combines different modalities that address the whole body system. He is very knowledgeable and is able to apply that knowledge in fantastic ways. I recommend him to all of my friends and co-workers.
— Lukas Rathke
Dr. Bell is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been too. He is knowledgeable, professional, and REALLY helps me feel better. I’ve even had him work on my children and they love him.
— Eric Olsen
My family and I have gone to Dr Bell for years now! We’ve done acupuncture chiropractic treatments and detox with him. He dose fantastic work!
— Rick Jackson
These guys are incredible. I have to admit with the amount of pain I had in my back (both mid and lower) I wasn’t sure if they could help me. I had already been to TOSH twice and another back doctor with no luck. After a couple visits Dr. Bell had me to where I feel 95% relief in my lower back and 85% in my mid. Not an exaggeration! They are very kind and I feel like they actually care about me, which is quite a change from the experiences I have had at TOSH. Do yourself a favor and see these guys, they are amazing.
— Blake Debenham
It is not often that you can say that a product has changed your life but this can easily be said about Dr. Bell and Aspire Health, I initially went to Dr. Bell for acupuncture but had to list what problems I was experiencing. I had been living with headaches for years and had marked them up to stress, I came to find out that my C1 disk was seriously out of whack. Dr. Bell has adjusted my out place disks and helped with my muscles to keep everything in place. He is also a master at acupuncture, truly an incredible experience. I have and will continue to send my friends and family to Dr. Bell to give them the same quality of life that Dr. Bell and Sheena have given me. Truly outstanding skills and customer service.
— Linda Strode
Before I started going to Apire Health I lived with constant pain in my shoulder area and I could barely open my mouth due to my jaw getting locked. It also hurt to eat, food should be enjoyable but eating was anything but that. My dentist gave me a mouth guard to help relax my jaw and he said if that didn’t work I would have to have my TMJ operated on where they would have to break my jaw and wire it shut for about 3-4 weeks. I wanted to avoid going through that if at all possible. Dr. bell started working on my spine and by adjusting my cervical vertebrae as well as doing stretches on my jaw, now I can open my mouth almost all the way and the pain is virtually gone. I also don’t have to sit at my desk all day massaging my back because I’m no longer in pain. Dr. Bell is great, with regular visits I’m able to live pain free!
— Aubrey Erekson
After years of military duty and multiple deployments overseas, I thought that back pain was something I would be dealing with for the rest of my life. Dr. Bell completely changed that mindset. Thanks to the attention to detail that he has, I can finally go about my day without pain. I have been to see other doctors for my problems and have been put through the typical “assembly line” style treatments. At Aspire you will get a thorough evaluation and care for the areas that need it. I can now get down on the ground to play with my son and can get back up without the assistance of a chair or the couch. Thank you Dr. Bell and all of the staff at Aspire, you have given me my life back.
— Jarvie Curtis
Dr. Bell is amazing doctor not only is he amazing at his job, but he is also personable and enjoyable. I came to him because I have chronic migraines and headaches from my neck and stress. Since I have been going I no longer get migraines and instead of tension headaches 3-5 times a week I now only get them after I don’t schedule a check up for over a month. It is getting better and better as time goes on. This is an amazing place to go to, I would highly recommend it. It has changed my life for the better and helped decrease my stress and anxiety.
— Tia Lynn
Despite chronic pain and discomfort in my shoulder from a car accident, doctors kept reassuring me that I was only suffering from a sprain and that I would eventually heal. I began visiting a chiropractor to be adjusted regularly, but that did little to aid in my recovery. It was not until I began visiting Dr. Bell that I began to experience a real, holistic recovery. The combination of chiropractics and physical therapy that he employs ensures that the body his strengthened properly as the chiropractic adjustments are made. Combine that with regular percussor work and education about stretches and exercises, and before long I was on my way to a full recovery. I did not think it was possible, I am very thankful for the results and impressed with Dr. Bell’s knowledge and work.
— Rory Murphy
I have been going to Dr. Bell for awhile. I could not move my neck in either direction and within two visits it was like night and day by the end of the month I was back to normal and went from headaches everyday to seldom having them at all.

When I first went in I admit I was skeptical so I didn’t say to much of what was going on and the scans he did on me were right on. He is knowledgeable, kind, professional and knows just what to do. I was shocked but with in two treatments of acupuncture I was well on my way to feeling much better. This service I believe is my favorite. It is painless for the most part and the most relaxing. I have had carpal tunnel with my right arm and two treatments took it away and months later I have no pain. LOVE IT...

I have used the detox, chiropractic, acupuncture and percussor services and I have felt better and been more relaxed and so much more stress free since I have been going there. I have referred many co-workers and friends and advise anyone thinking about going to just do it. It is worth it.
— Valori Petersen
Dr. Bell is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to!

His extensive knowledge and experience in chiropractic, as well as combination of physical therapy and accupuncture have all helped me tremendously. I had two major car accidents as a young adult, one of which I T-boned a Semi. My neck and back have been in rough shape, even with chiropractic adjustments all through the years. Dr. Bell is the first Chiropractor I have seen that has helped my body heal to the point that I don’t need to be adjusted constantly. His expertise has helped my body to STAY healthy!!!

I had chronic daily pain in my ankle from being fractured 20 years ago, and in my shoulder for being out of place for 10 years (undiagnosed by other chiropractors), in my neck and upper-, mid-, and lower back and hips...ALL of which I have seen SIGNIFICANT improvement through the adjustments and instructions from Dr. Bell on how to train my muscles to hold the bones in place. I am running a half-marathon (something I thought my body would never be able to do) and I feel amazing!

I tell ALL of my friends to come see Dr. Bell. If you have an ailment, it is very likely that he can help you!
— Christy Perez
I went to Aspire Health and Wellness as sort of a last ditch effort to help my back pain. Basically I had been suffering since my pregnancy about 5 years go. I sort of learned to just cope with the constant pain, but I was pretty scared of having another baby and having the pain come back in full force.

The first appointment I had with Dr. Bell was pretty amusing to me because I didn’t realize it wasn’t just muscle but there was a lot out of place as well, he even asked me if I had been in a severe car accident in my life (which I haven’t). So we started a pretty aggressive treatment of Chiropractic, Muscle Therapy, and acupuncture. I’m not going to lie after the first few sessions I felt like a train wreck, my body would just ache. The muscles would tense up a bit after he would adjust my back and the Percussor Work would work out those muscles ( I LOVE that part now). However, I started to notice a surprising change, my migraines started to go away, I was getting about 2 a week and it’s been 3 months since I had one. I’m super stoked about that one because my doctor told me that it was probably something I would just have to deal with for the rest of my life.

After about 4 weeks worth of this treatment things stayed in place more, the muscles were less tense feeling and I actually felt AMAZING after each appointment. I did not realize how immobile I was becoming because of my back, I could cry with joy with how much better and more energetic and more limber I feel. I would recommend this to anyone who experiences “chronic” pain. Dr. Bell definitely knows what he’s doing.

Don’t wait as long as I did to get in to him. Just remember, healing takes time. Like I said earlier that I felt like a train wreck at first but when issues are as long terms as mine it’s definitely not going to be perfect over night. Dr. Bell said everyone reacts differently to treatment and all I gotta say is when you start with him and if you get frustrated, keep with it. You will be SO happy you did.
— Jessica Sorensen
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— Pablo