NAET Allergy Elimination


NAET is an allergy elimination technique used all over the world and is completely painless. Unlike other techniques, there are no injections or medications required. 

Your immune system's job is to attack pathogens and substances that are harmful to the body.

Allergies are caused by an overactive immune system. This means that your immune system becomes responsive to substances (like pollens, pets, foods, dust...) that it normally shouldn't react to. 

We can systematically test what substances are causing the immune system to be overactive. The great thing is these tests are completely painless and do not initiate an immune response like other tests. This means that children can actually enjoy the tests and treatments. 

Once we determine what is causing the abnormal immune response (usually there are multiple allergens or sensitivities) we can actually start to desensitize the body to the specific allergens. 

One allergen is treated at a time. If you are not severely immune deficient, you may need just one treatment to desensitize one allergen. A person with a mild to moderate amount of allergies may take about 15-20 office visits to desensitize 15-20 food and environmental allergens.

To set up an appointment please call us at 801-904-2488

Living allergy free is simple and painless and treatment is available for all ages!


Luke had severe eczema since his was born. It started on his cheeks and eventually covered his whole body. He reacted to his milk and other foods.
It is unbelievable that now my son can eat the type of food that he used to get an allergic reaction to. I’m glad we got to know Dr. Bell and the NAET treatment protocol. No more eczema cream for him! He is now doing great with smooth and healthy skin.
— Rainnie Pham

Feeling extremely blessed to have Dr. Bell! He is not only the kindest person you’ll ever meet, he’s also a genius at what he does. I tell him that he is our “miracle worker.” He has helped me and my family in so many ways.

To start, a few years ago, one of my daughters started breaking out in hives any time she came in contact with water. Water! Whether from the shower, a pool, a hottub, or a lake, her skin broke out every time. As parents, we wondered what to do, knowing that a dermatologist or allergist would just give her topical ointments or something that might help with the symptoms, but not cure the cause. We had heard of NAET through Dr. Bell and decided to give it a try, and we are so thankful we did! Dr. Bell immediately found that my daughter had an allergy to calcium, which is a mineral found in most water sources. After the quick and painless NAET treatment, my daughter hasn’t had a problem with hives after water exposure. It seems unbelievable, but it honestly works. Dr. Bell also used NAET to cure my youngest son of his dairy allergy, and cured me, my spouse, and my other children of various allergies.

He has helped my husband with various minor injuries over the years (tennis elbow, back out of alignment, etc.) and most recently he has helped me with some big issues.

Late in November 2016, I developed a strange “buzzing” sensation in my head. It felt as if someone had turned on their electric toothbrush and put it inside my head. It “buzzed” on and off at random times and I had no idea what was causing it. It wasn’t painful, but very annoying. I was about ready to go get a CT scan because it was bothering me and worrying me so much.

In December I called Dr. Bell about it. He believed it was stress related, and possibly a pinched nerve, since one of my hands was randomly falling asleep at the same time. He believed he could help and I was excited to have an alternative to going to a GP and getting a CT scan. During my initial treatment, Dr. Bell discovered that my neck and pelvis were completely out of alignment, and he put everything back into place so easily. I didn’t realize I could feel so good! Apparently I’d been out of alignment for a long time and didn’t even realize how much it was affecting me. He suggested acupuncture treatment as well, and although I am someone who hates needles, I can honestly say that I am now a huge acupuncture fan! I can’t believe how great it immediately made me feel. The acupuncture treatment allowed the muscles in my neck and pelvis to relax so that they could get used to the proper placement of the bones. It also drastically alleviated the high levels of stress and anxiety I was carrying around with me, and it even helped “clear the raingutters” so to speak with some grief I’d been carrying as well.

Now it is the beginning of March 2017, and the “buzzing” in my head has been completely gone for two weeks. After just a few sessions with Dr. Bell I feel like a new, happier, healthier, more energetic person! I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Bell!
— Heather Tycksen

I had an amazing experience at Aspire Health. Dr. Bell is super kind and very knowledgeable about this treatment. I had an allergy to metals and would always get rashes from jewelry and buttons on my clothing. However, after a few treatments I am now able to wear whatever I want to and the itchy rashes are gone. The NAET treatments are a total game changer.
— Katy Hall

I’m a current patient of Dr. Bell’s, whose treatments have not only helped with my allergies but, as an added bonus, have helped me manage my stress levels. I started treatments with Dr. Bell because even after cutting out corn and gluten, which did wonders, cutting out dairy was next. It just felt like I was being asked to cut out too much and I started exploring my options.

Discovering this treatment has been a gift. It is a supreme joy to finally eat cheese and not be sick, to think clearly, and to have ‘normal’ bowel movements. And this spring, while all my friends and family suffer through their airborne allergies, I’ve been sleeping with the windows open and enjoying the outdoors.
— Trina Smith
I went to Doctor Bell with chronic migraines. 25 years of suffering and trying to find solutions to it had really led me almost nowhere. I knew that I had multiple triggers, but had no idea how to discover all of them, let alone treat them. Dr. Bell has been such a gift to me. Over several months we did the NAET allergy therapy. I realized several triggers during that process I didn’t even know I had, but which all made sense. Then I did the Blood Microscopy. That process, combined with the supplements I needed to take and the NAET therapy and neck adjustments have made me feel like a different person. I have energy. I realize more and more what it’s like to NOT have chronic pain! Dr. Bell is so thorough, knowledgeable and kind. He has a genuine interest in his patients health. I am so grateful to have found Aspire and all the great services they offer! Would recommend highly to anyone suffering. Go see what they can do for you.
— Marla Staffanson
I was a skeptic in the beginning for sure. I had stomach issues that were on going for 3+ plus years along with neck and back issues. I had been to several doctors with no relief or diagnosis. I was told to watch what I ate and if it bother me not to eat it. At the time I first saw doctor Bell that was pretty much anything I put into my mouth.

The first and biggest impression of Dr. Bell was that he actually listens. I was in his office talking about my symptoms and medical history for WAY longer then any other doctor would spend. He listened and was compassionate. During my on going treatment if I had a concern, even if he didn’t think that would be something that would affect me, he would test it anyway and as a result we found several issues that he was able to treat me for. He understands that I am the patient and know what is going on with my own body. The allergy treatments took care of 90% of my concerns.

As the allergy treatments were wrapping up and there wasn’t more he could treat me for. He started doing a new procedure, the microscopic blood analysis. Again I was a skeptic, but felt it could have more answers for me. It was cool to see my blood on the screen and for him to point out and explain things. Doing research on the things he found, it appears a lot of the symptoms left are do to deficiencies which I am now on supplements for and seem to be seeing improvements already.

As far as my back, I was seeing a chiropractor for several months, with only minor relief. Dr. Bell not only adjusted me, but also treated the muscle and taught me stretches to further train the muscle. After just the first treatment I felt a huge improvement.

Dr. Bell is thorough, patient, and kind. I highly recommend him for any treatment. Thanks Dr. Bell and Karen!
— Amanda A.
I had nearly crippling allergies. OTC Meds did nothing to help and made me so incredibly tired. I started NAET allergy treatments with Dr. Bell Last year. After just one treatment I woke up the next morning breathing 100 times better. Apparently I had been living with almost constant sinus congestion, that had become my normal. I didn’t realize how bad it was until it was gone. The difference was amazing. I needed 6 treatments: milk, eggs, sugar, mold, dust, pollen. After all 6 my life was completely changed. My asthma is almost completely gone, my sinuses drained, my eyes and nose no longer itch and water/run constantly, and no more sneezing. I can’t say enough good things about my treatment. It changed my life.
— Annie Hall
Dr. Bell has been able to help me get over my food allergies and feel amazing!
— Makayla Carroll
My family and I have searched for years to find a practitioner like Dr. Bell. We are receiving his NAET and Acupuncture therapies—as well as some other treatment modalities. The improvement in our health has been miraculous. His background in chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture, make him irreplaceable. He has a wealth of knowledge that has proven very useful during our appointments. I would recommend Dr. Bell without any reservations!
— Brad Fairborn
I started going to Aspire a few months ago because of dizziness. I had spent a few hours in emergency after going through a bad dizzy spell. All tests came back negative to anything they could treat for. I learned of Aspire through people I worked with so I decided I would see if they could help me. Dr. Bell treated me for allergies twice before my dizziness was gone. The allergy treatment is hard to believe because it was so simple and just one time for each allergy. On my way to my appointment one day, I was rear-ended causing me a whiplash so Dr. Bell has been treating me for that, too. I am very pleased with my treatments.
— Lyn Grimaud
Our family has been doing acupuncture and NAET allergy treatments. These treatments have been VERY effective as well in taking care of the needs of the family and their allergies and ailments from other medical issues. Dr. Bell is honest and down-to-earth . His philosophy of business is so different than the run-of-the-mill chiropractors and completely reflects in his work! Thank you! You are amazing!
— Seth Otteson