The Aspire Difference

Our philosophy is to seek a permanent solution to our patients' ailments and to correct their need for frequent regular care.  Aspire Health and Wellness is not a quick, temporary fix clinic. If someone is seeking a temporary 5 minute chiropractic treatment, they will have to search elsewhere. Aspire is one of the few clinics in Utah that offer a diverse variety of treatment options. Because the doctors at Aspire are able to provide therapies such as Physical Therapy, Advanced Chiropractic Therapy, Soft Tissue/Muscle Therapies, Modern Acupuncture, Allergy Elimination Therapies, Blood Microscopy Analysis, Kinesio-Taping... they are oftentimes able to permanently correct the causes of your symptoms. This keeps you from needing frequent ongoing treatments just to feel better. 


Our Unique Approach to Health Care

We strive to spend the time necessary with each patient to correct the source of their problems, rather than just temporarily treating the symptoms. By being able to affordably combine many specialties together while treating our patients, we often get longterm lasting results where other clinics fail. We call it our Integrative Approach.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to determine exactly what is causing your symptoms instead of simply covering them up. Through affordable tests including Surface EMG Scans, Digital Acugraph Scans, Live Blood Microscopy, and Orthopedic Tests, we will determine exactly what is causing your symptoms and why these symptoms are keeping you from functioning at your highest potential. We will then outline and explain the most efficient and effective therapies to correct these causes without drugs or surgery.

By combining many of these specialties together at a price everyone can afford, our patients usually experience lasting and unmatched results!

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