We do accept auto accident insurance because they will usually cover all aspects of care.

We also accept HSA and FSA cards.

As for general health insurance, we no longer accept any health policies because of all the new restrictions regarding care.  Because of this we have decreased the costs of care accordingly. We have done this because it actually benefits our patients more by not going through their insurance.

Here is why:

  • Aspire is one of the few clinics that combine multiple specialties together including physical therapy, chiropractic therapies, modern acupuncture, soft tissue/muscle therapies, ozone injections... in order to provide permanent and long term relief to our patients. Insurance is now limiting more and more what doctors can do for their patients and are now saying that doctors can not combine certain specialties together anymore.

  • So for example, if we have a patient that needs specific muscle therapies as well as chiropractic care, insurance will make us pick one or the other but will not allow us to combine certain therapies together. It of course makes sense to be able to treat all of the causes of our patient's issues instead of having to pick and choose depending on what insurance allows so we decided to not accept insurance and to change our pricing to keep it affordable.

Here is the cost of care changes:

  • We used to separate out the cost of care per specialty. So Acupuncture was $60, Physical Therapy was $50, Chiropractic care was $55, Soft Tissue/Muscle Therapies was $45...and because it is very common to use all of these therapies together to adequately treat a patient, it could easily be over $200 for an office visit.

  • Now, if we combine certain treatments and modalities together during an office visit, it is always $75 per appointment. This means if we did Chiropractic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Muscle Therapies, Kinesio Taping...and even a full exam all during the same visit (which is common), it is still only $75. That way we can perform all of the therapies a patient needs and he/she does not have to worry about how much more it will cost.

  • The only treatments that have a separate cost due to the treatment process are Ozone Injections $150 an area ($120 an area if more than one area is done) and Live Blood Microscopy ($100). 

  • The NAET allergy elimination treatments are also $75 for adults (which includes acupuncture) and $55 for children (no acupuncture).

  • The end goal is to get our patients to a point where they do not need frequent treatments just to "feel better" and to get their muscles and joints to a point where they simply maintain the body on their own without symptoms. This means no more feeling like you are simply maintaining pain between appointments.


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