Can Modern Acupuncture Really Help?


Modern Acupuncture Means Real Results

Acupuncture for a lot of people is either seen as "voodoo" or just plain scary. The reason these perceptions exist is simply a fear of the unknown. Many people are afraid of needles which makes sense because needles usually equal pain. This common fear of needles drives the idea that acupuncture must be a painful and tortuous treatment.

The fact is acupuncture is neither painful nor "voodoo" and the scientific research now available validates the use and treatment of acupuncture for a host of specific ailments and symptoms. We even have acupuncture options that do not involve needles at all. 

How is our approach to Acupuncture different?

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our patients the latest advancements in health care. When it comes to acupuncture there are many different approaches and at Aspire our approach is much more evidence based and research driven than at your typical acupuncture clinic. Combined with a detailed medical history taken from the patient, we use a scan called a Digital Acugraph Scan to determine the necessity and benefit that acupuncture could provide the patient. This scan also enables us to have an objective look as to how the patient will respond to acupuncture and the possible health benefits the patient can expect. 

The Digital Acugraph Scan – combining the health benefits of acupuncture with the newest technologies available!

We can now Measure the Meridian and Nerve health to determine the cause and correction of our patients symptoms.

We can now Measure the Meridian and Nerve health to determine the cause and correction of our patients symptoms.

Ancient Chinese Medicine meets Modern Scientific Evidence. There is absolute proof that Acupuncture works and we can now measure the results. This healing art has been used for hundreds of years with amazing results and by affecting the meridians and nerves of the body we can improve health. Thousands of patients with symptoms like headaches and back pain to major health concerns like heart disease and other organ dysfunctions have benefited from acupuncture. We can now, using advanced digital imaging technologies, determine exactly where the dysfunctions are and how to correct them using pain free Advanced Acupuncture.

Why and how does it work?

The AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System is a revolution in modern acupuncture. AcuGraph is used as part of an integrated approach to a patient’s healthcare thus enhancing the effect of ancient techniques by applying modern science. AcuGraph is a computerized tool used to analyze and document the meridian and nerve health. When the meridians and nerves of the body are not functioning properly, the organs, muscles, joints, and tissues they go to may not function as well, causing disease. These meridians and nerves can be hyperactive or hypoactive and both dysfunctions can lead to symptoms and disease. As we correct these imbalances through Advanced Acupuncture we are allowing the body to function better. Touching a moistened probe to specific meridian and nerve points on a patient’s hands and feet is all that is needed to complete the exam. The result is a comprehensive report showing the state of the meridians and nerves and what points to treat to improve health. 

Because we do this scan every two or three treatments we can objectively see how acupuncture is affecting our patients and we can change or improve the treatments accordingly. 

So what health concerns can acupuncture be effective for?

Acupuncture has been proven to be effective for numerous ailments and symptoms especially if the goal is to correct the cause of symptoms. Usually when we combine acupuncture with physical therapy and chiropractic care the results are unmatched. This allows us to treat the muscle issues, the bone misalignment issues, and the meridian and nerve issues. Treating ALL of the causes of our patient's symptoms instead of being limited to one or two types of treatments allows us to completely correct the health concern. This greatly decreases the chances of it recurring in the future. 


Using Modern Acupuncture with the Digital Acugraph Scan Aspire, has had success in treating the following ailments

Musculoskeletal Ailments such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, joint pain, jaw pain...


Systemic Issues such as nerve pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, high blood pressure, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems...



We have even had success with issues like depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD...

Our first step is to determine what is causing your symptoms. The Digital Acugraph Scan enables us to objectively see if acupuncture could be a successful treatment option.