Our Corporate Partnership Program

At Aspire we specialize in working with companies to provide wellness benefits as well as discounted care for employees and their families. We have companies with as few as 30 employees in the program and we have companies in the program that have over 3,000 employees. This program easily integrates into any type of wellness program or it is often used as the company's sole wellness program.  

In a time when many health care benefits are being cut, this program allows companies to offer more health care benefits and options, on-site wellness classes, and even on-site health screenings.


This successful program allows companies to do three main things for their employees:

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1. For companies with 30 or more employees, we provide monthly on-site health and wellness classes. 

For many companies, providing a wellness based working environment is a goal that requires much effort and resources. Our program is based on the desire to help companies with this goal and our wellness classes have proven to be a greatly desired resource for employees. We have many companies that integrate our classes and program into their existing wellness program and we have other companies that use our Corporate Partnership Program as their sole wellness program. 

Our classes are informative and entertaining and we have many employees ask how soon they can see our next class.        

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2. This program greatly reduces the cost of care for all employees and their family.

A very unique aspect of our program is it includes providing employee health care benefits that are separate from insurance. This program covers the employee and their family and it includes services not covered by general health care plans. 

How it works:

Each employee will receive a "Company Member Discount Card". This card will have the company's logo on the front as well as the covered therapies on the back. Whenever an employee comes to the clinic for care, they simply show our staff at the front desk their card and they will receive any therapies needed at one low cost per office visit no matter how many therapies or specialties are used. Usually each therapy is priced out separately which can add up very quickly but with this program we can do all the treatment modalities necessary and the employee does not need to worry about how much more the cost will be.  It simply allows employees to receive affordable care at Aspire all because they are members of your company!

Therapies Covered:

This includes all the therapies Aspire offers including therapies not covered by general insurance. Examples are: Physical Exams, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Therapies, Advanced Acupuncture, surface EMG scans, Digital Acugraph scans, Detoxification Sessions, Nutritional Supplements, NAET Allergy Elimination Treatments and much more. Another benefit of this program is we actually do not accept any health insurance (except auto accident insurance). The main reason is health insurance is limiting more and more what doctors can do for their patients and that is one of the main reasons we created our Corporate Partnership Program. It allows us to provide a much higher quality of care and keep it very affordable for your employees. The reason this is a benefit for companies is because employees are not billing their insurance, it keeps the company's insurance premiums low.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer multiple health care specialties to employees and because employees can afford care through this program, they often receive care before issues evolve into more costly and time consuming health concerns.                   

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3. On-Site Corporate Health Screenings.

We provide a very unique approach to health screenings. We use what is called a Surface EMG Scan that we can bring on-site for the benefit of your employees. This scan is intended to provide employees more insight as to what could be contributing to their neck pain, muscle tightness, back pain, headaches, muscle pain...

This scan uses the same technology as the EKG of the heart. Instead of measuring the contraction of the heart muscle, we do this scan down the employee's neck and back. The employee can then see on screen what muscle imbalances could be present (muscles that are too tight, too weak, over compensating...) and how much pull these muscles may be causing to the bones they attach to. 

While there are many other tests we utilize at the clinic to determine a correct diagnosis, this gives employees an opportunity to specifically see what imbalances could be contributing to their symptoms. And again, there is no cost. 

To Join Our Corporate Partnership Program

Dr. Bell will come to your company and present the program to your HR department and answer any questions or concerns that might come up. Companies are very surprised at how affordable the program is since it includes dramatic discounts for care at Aspire for the employees and their family as well as all of the on-site wellness options available. The cost is dependent on the number of employees and what benefits the company would like to enjoy.

We have actually never had a company remark that the cost is too high, especially for what is offered.

To join this program, the company simply emails us their logo and how many employees there are and we get the discount cards ordered.

We will then present a Power-Point presentation to the employees outlining the program and how the employees benefit from it including the therapies it covers and we will get the wellness classes and health screenings scheduled. 

For more information regarding our Corporate Partnership Program please call: 801-904-2488 or email us at: drbell@aspirehealthandwellness.com