Aspire's Unique Diagnosis Process

The correct diagnosis makes all the difference.

We make it our priority that instead of simply treating our patient's symptoms, we aim to correct the causes of our patient's ailments. This means that our diagnosis process is crucial and most patients are surprised at how unique, individualized, and effective it is. 


For most of our patients the first visit is around an hour long and the majority of this appointment is focused on narrowing down exactly what is causing the problems. This is very different from most clinics but again, our goal is to not only get rid of our patient's symptoms, but to correct what is causing them.

We begin by having the patient fill out on our check-in kiosk computer a detailed health history and an explanation of the ailments the patient desires to have corrected. 

The doctor then goes over all relevant patient information with the patient and answers any questions the patient may have. Most patients are surprised at how much time the doctor makes available for patients to discuss their ailments and goals. 

After all questions have been answered the doctor will determine which specific tests and scans need to be done to aid in the diagnosis process. All of these tests are always one low cost no matter how many testing modalities are used.   

The tests Aspire Health and Wellness specialize in are


Surface EMG Scans

Using the same technology as an EKG of the heart, Surface EMG scans help us to determine what muscle groups in the neck and back are either too tight (spasmed) or too weak. These muscles imbalances are often a key cause of pain and disability. These scans also shows what kind of pull these muscle imbalances are exerting on the vertebral bones these muscles attach to. 

It is muscles that pull the vertebral bones out of place which is why it is crucial to diagnose and treat any muscle imbalances that may be causing bone misalignments. When we treat the muscle issues and the bone issues together, they often do not come back because we can train these muscles to stabilize the spine and hold the vertebral bones in place. This scan helps us to objectively determine these imbalances and what vertebral bones may be affected. 

Digital Acugraph Scan

This scan allows us to determine if modern acupuncture could be an effective form of treatment. The Digital Acugraph Scan combines modern technology with effective oriental treatments and instead of simply stimulating points because of symptoms, we can objectively determine exactly what pathways are over-stimulated, what is under-stimulated and what issues these imbalances may be causing in the body. This scan also shows exactly what points to stimulate to correct these issues. 

Common ailments caused by over-stimulated or under-stimulated pathways include Chronic Muscle Tightness, Headaches, Nerve Issues, Chronic Pain, Joint Pain, Gastrointestinal Issues, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue... and many more. 

There are so many ailments that respond to acupuncture and because we can combine modern technology with these treatments we can get results even if many clinics fail. We can also objectively track the progress of these treatments with the Acugraph Scans which means we can know if a treatment is working and what we need to change. When we combine Modern Acupuncture with Physical Therapy and Advanced Chiropractic Care the results are unmatched. This is because we are treating all the cause of our patient's ailments instead of just one. 

Motion Palpation

motion palpation.jpg

Motion Palpation is a hands-on technique where trained practitioners move specific joints through their normal range of motion. Through this technique we can determine how and where the joint is restricted or not moving right, what is possibly causing the restriction, and how to correct it. This technique is used for almost all of the joints of the body including the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, ankles, and wrists. The goal is to determine if the joint problem is caused by a muscle issue, a bone alignment issue, scar tissue formation, or other factors.  

Specific Orthopedic Tests

There are many orthopedic tests that we specialize in and through these tests we can determine very accurately what is causing our patient's symptoms. These tests use range of motion and applied pressure to recreate the patient's symptoms. By doing so we can narrow down where the symptoms are coming from and how to correctly treat the causes of these symptoms. 

Through these tests we will determine exactly what is keeping you from functioning at your highest potential . We will then outline and explain the most efficient and effective therapies to correct these causes without drugs or surgery and we will discuss specific treatments that will fit your schedule and budget.

By combining therapies such as Physical Therapy, Advanced Chiropractic Care, Modern Acupuncture... at prices everyone can afford, our patients experience lasting and unmatched results!

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